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Discovery. Engagement. Exploration.

Our commitment to instill a lifelong love of learning in each student is shown in the way we approach teaching. We believe that by giving our students hands-on experiences with the material they study, we create a connection that will stay with them long after they leave our hallowed hallways. Our Jaguars don't just learn, they create. Our students produce their own morning news segments and create STEM experiments to solve real-world problems using the Engineering Design Process.


Our approach to learning bridges traditional study with cutting-edge technology. Our students use our Media Center to complete research with both print and electronic resources. The Maker Space is a welcome addition to our Media Center space.

St. Gabriel is a place where students feel safe to test out their boundaries and push their limits. We encourage our students to ask questions, collaborate with others, and most importantly--try and try again.

Curriculum Overview

Technology & Media Center

Integrating technology into our classrooms and assignments is one way we are preparing our Jaguars for the future.


Students also have access to our Media Center which houses computers, iPads and Jaguar TV - our Broadcast Journalism arm.

  • iPads (K-3 Classrooms and Specials' Cart)

  • Laptop Carts (4th & 5th)

  • Technology Lab

  • Jaguar Television


Level Pages

Learn about the curriculum & activities at each grade level.

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