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Fifth Grade

Special Events

Charleston, SC 

Students will experience the wonderful world of Charleston, SC. Several points of interest are:

  • Visit Boone Plantation

  • Barrier Island Eco Tour

A full itinerary will be available prior to the trip.

​The Schiele Museum

Charlotte Catholic Field Day

Holy Trinity Tour

Prayer Partners

Living Stations




The fifth grade teachers want each child to grow spiritually, academically, and socially.  With this goal in mind, the following policy will be implemented this school year.



Homework is an extension of the learning process, intended to help the child learn self-discipline, accept responsibilities for him/her, and to reinforce objectives taught during school that day.  The best way for parents to help their child with homework is to provide an organized routine at home for homework.  The child will benefit from a planned time (perhaps after dinner) and planned location (a good working area, such as a table or desk with little or no distraction).  Children will appreciate parental support in the way of a good, positive attitude about homework.

Special Projects – When teachers assign special projects, parents should only assist children and refrain from doing their child’s work for the project.  The learning experience is in the doing, not necessarily the end project.  Grades are given for effort as well as presentation.


Teachers will discuss specifics of their classroom at Back to School Night


The best way to contact a fifth grade teacher is through email. The fifth grade teachers will send a weekly email to parents containing pertinent information about activities, field trips, and assignment/test dates.  Additionally, a Friday Folder will be sent home which contains graded work.  It is imperative that parents monitor the work sent home weekly.

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