Fifth Grade

Meet Our Fifth Grade Teachers

Special Events


*Due to the current health conditions, there are no field trips/events scheduled through December, 2020.

Charleston, SC (November)

Students will experience the wonderful world of Charleston, SC. Several points of interest are: Patriot’s Point/U.S.S. Yorktown, a carriage ride through the Historic District of Charleston, and shopping at the market. A full itinerary will be available prior to the trip.


Carowinds (May)

St. Gabriel Catholic School will participate in the annual Education Days at Carowinds.


The fifth grade teachers want each child to grow spiritually, academically, and socially.  With this goal in mind, the following policy will be implemented this school year.



Each fifth grade teacher will keep a class log that will be used to track missing homework and/or discipline issues.  Homework that is not handed in the day it is due, (in any subject-not including absences) will result in a notation in the class log.  Any student that is missing five assignments collectively within each progress report period (about 6 weeks) will receive a detention as a consequence. All students begin with a clean slate after progress report/report card period.  *Students who are absent will have as many days as they were absent to make-up their missing work. In general, students will be expected to make-up tests given in their absence on the day of their return. In the event of long-term absences due to illness, it is at the teacher’s discretion as to scheduling test and due dates for missing work.*



Students that are repeatedly corrected by a teacher for inappropriate behavior will receive a notation in the class log and will report to detention.  


A notice of detention served will be sent home via the “Friday Folder.”  It is expected that the notice will be returned the following Monday with a parent and student signature.


The best way to contact a fifth grade teacher is through email. The fifth grade teachers will send a weekly email to parents containing pertinent information about activities, field trips, and assignment/test dates.  Additionally, a Friday Folder will be sent home which contains graded work.  It is imperative that parents monitor the work sent home weekly.