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Fourth Grade

Special Events

Raleigh, NC

Students take a field trip to our state’s capital, Raleigh, North Carolina.  Specifically, they may visit the Governor’s Mansion, the State Capitol, the Legislative Building, the Museum of Natural Sciences and/or the Museum of History.


Grand-buddy Service Project

This project begins with a two hour introduction where students rotate through our 4th grade classrooms here at St. Gabriel, to learn more about the facility, experience first-hand what it is like to be vision-impaired, grip-impaired and mobility-impaired, and make their own family tree to serve as an introduction aid to their grand-buddy.


In February and March, students are assigned to small groups and a grand-buddy, whom they will interview in two separate sessions gathering information about the grand-buddy’s childhood and adult life. Students write an autobiography and create a beautiful keepsake book to present to their Grand-buddy on our final visit in May.

James K. Polk Historic Site

Students will learn what life was like for the future president growing up in rural Mecklenburg County. 


All digital resources are available to students through their school-issued Clever accounts.


Reading Requirements 

It is the hope of the fourth grade teachers that all students will become life-long readers. Research has shown that the more you read, the better reader you become.

In order to reach this goal:

Students are encouraged to read for at least 20 minutes (or more if they like!) each evening. They will receive a checklist of all the book genres that they are required to read throughout the school year. They will keep track of this list and all book titles that they complete on a Tower of Books reading log, both of which will be kept in their student agenda.



Our classroom code of conduct in fourth grade is based on becoming better disciples of Jesus Christ.  Our rules revolve around respect (God, Others, Yourself, School Property and Your Work). We begin our day with school-wide prayers followed by classroom intentions and prayers.  We strive daily to recognize and adapt character traits that remind us of Jesus.  Each classroom has a variation of the theme “What Would Jesus Do?” and each teacher reminds her students to behave in accordance with their motto.  In all that we do at school, at home, with family, and with friends… are we conducting ourselves in a way that makes God proud of us?


We have reviewed the St. Gabriel School Student Handbook with the students and they have signed a pledge stating that they understand and will abide by the school rules. 

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