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Special Events


*Due to the current health conditions, there are no field trips/events scheduled through December, 2020.


Each fall Kindergarten students prepare and perform a Thanksgiving Program in their classrooms for parents and guests. You won’t want to miss this entertaining program!


The Gingerbread Party is one of December’s highlights in Kindergarten. Students are joined by a parent in the classroom to create a Gingerbread House to take home for the Christmas holiday.


Kindergarten students pamper their mothers with a special Mother’s Day Spa. The classroom is transformed into a classroom spa where mothers are the center of attention.


The Kindergarten End of Year Celebration is held in June each year to celebrate the year-long accomplishments and growth of our Kindergartners. We welcome all family members to join us in the celebration -- INCLUDING siblings!

Also in June is the End of Year Mass. Kindergarten students will actively participate in this Mass.



Reading/Phonemic Awareness

  • Read to your child every day! Read easy readers again and again to develop fluency as well as books that are beyond your child's level to enrich vocabulary and comprehension.

  • During and after reading, discuss the characters, setting, and events in the story with your child. Ask open-ended questions to encourage thinking: What does this mean? What would happen if...? How could you...? What do you think will happen next?

  • Find high frequency words and letter sounds in print.

  • Use time in the car to play listening games. For example, find rhymes, sound out words or change words by switching sounds.

  • Use a variety of materials to review letters, sounds, high frequency words and blending sounds to read words. Common items such as clothespins, magnetic letters, and play dough make learning fun. They will also develop your child's fine motor skills essential for handwriting.


  • We do not correct students' mistakes because the goal is to empower students to express their ideas and feel successful as writers.

  • Students can help you write the grocery list or notes to friends. Create books for your child to use to write stories or record activities from a family vacation.


  • Play board games and card games.

  • Use time in the car to count forwards and backwards and skip count by 2's, 5's, and 10's.

  • Keep a coin jar. Collect loose change throughout the week and then sort and graph the coins.

  • Dominoes are a great tool for developing addition and subtraction.

  • Pop beads and buttons can also be used to count, add, sort and graph while strengthening fine motor control.

  • Display a calendar at home and reference it when talking to your child about upcoming events.


  • Turn off the TV! Take the time to talk with your child every day.

  • When working on everyday activities, have your child tell you the steps that occur in the correct order.

  • When doing laundry, ask your child to help you sort the clothes into groups or categories.

  • Children can help follow a recipe in the kitchen. Use adjectives to describe the ingredients and finished product.

  • Compare items found at home. For example, discuss how a toaster is like a stove or a sink like a bathtub.

Motor Skills - Outside

  • Sidewalk chalk

  • Paint with water

  • Ring toss, bean bag games

  • Squirt bottles

  • Wheelbarrow walks, crab crawls

  • Play hopscotch

  • Skip or jump rope

  • Swing, climb and run at the park

Fine Motor Skills

  • Use play dough to roll into a ball, make snakes (which can then be used to form letters), hide small objects for child to find, cut with play dough tools.

  • Cut straws in pieces and use to string like beads.

  • Do mazes and connect-the-dot activities

  • Glue pasta on paper to make a scene. Then write about it.

  • Color with small pieces of crayons, chalk or pencil to encourage a pencil grip using the tips of the fingers.

  • Make a design with toothpicks.

  • Pick up small objects with tweezers, tongs or chopsticks.


  • To learn responsibility children must be given responsibility.

  • Students should be responsible for their backpacks. Please allow your child to carry theirs to and from the car.

  • Give your child 1-2 simple chores to do on a daily and/or weekly basis. For example, help set out or clear the table, make their beds, put laundry away, etc.

Popcorn Words

  • I

  • what

  • said

  • like

  • are

  • good

  • the

  • now

  • she

  • and

  • is

  • all

  • see

  • how

  • he

  • we

  • find

  • no

  • a

  • this

  • do

  • to

  • will

  • down

  • come

  • be

  • have

  • me

  • go

  • help

  • with

  • for

  • look

  • my

  • make

  • out

  • you

  • play

  • off

  • take


The Kindergarten year is very important. It should be a successful year for each child to develop a love for school and learning. It is also an opportunity to develop and enhance a positive self-image.


Our program is planned to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and academic needs of your child. Each child has individual developmental needs and as teachers, we plan accordingly. This program is characterized by the following principles of learning:             


  • Children learn through their senses.

  • Children learn through active involvement.

  • Children go through similar stages of development, but at different rates.

  • Children learn through play.

We are firm believers that if children are treated with respect and lots of love that they will in turn treat others in the same way. We have high expectations for all of the children in order for us to have the optimum learning atmosphere. The end goal for all of us is to have the children exercise self-discipline. It is important to establish clear guidelines for the children to follow, without overwhelming them. Therefore, we have 3 simple rules to follow:                                                         


  1. Respect each other. We don’t hurt our friends. We keep hands and feet to ourselves and we speak nicely to each other.

  2. Respect the teacher. Listen closely when anyone is talking to the group. Follow directions when given. 

  3. Respect our classroom and our school. We love our school and the wonderful things we have in it. It is all of our jobs to take care of it.


Snack will be a part of a daily break. Please send in healthy snacks and a small bottled water, if you’d like.  We encourage you to send fresh fruit or veggies for snack. Label your child’s snack with his/her name and place it in a separate bag from his/her lunch.


Recess occurs before lunch, and all Kindergarten classes share the same recess and lunch times. A 20 minute rest time after recess/lunch is scheduled for most days at the beginning of the school year. We evaluate the need to continue rest time after the Christmas break.  


Children may bring in a healthy treat to share with their classmates to celebrate their birthday. In order to limit the amount of sugar our children are eating, NO cookies, cupcakes, etc., are allowed. Some suggestions include popcorn, pretzels, bagels, muffins, granola bars, apple dippers, and fruit kabobs. Please inform your teacher which day your child would like to share this special treat with our class. Parents will be responsible for supplying ALL necessary materials, such as napkins, plates, etc. No party invitations may be distributed in the classrooms unless you are inviting the entire class.


Your Kindergartener will have some homework.   Each night please read with your child.  There will be written homework sent home occasionally.

Communication with Teacher

The blue folder is a means of daily communication. It will be sent home every day and should be checked each day. Your child’s work will be in the folder and the children are very proud of what they accomplish and want to share it with you. A behavior report will also be sent home daily in your child’s blue folder. Please return the blue folder to school each day. Weekly newsletters will be sent electronically. Please contact us if you ever have any questions or concerns.  

All Kindergarten teachers use the 
Remind app to send reminders to parents of events/happenings in the classroom.  Be sure to contact your teacher if you are not signed up for the Remind texts. 

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