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Meet Our Kindergarten

Special Events

Traditional Field Trips

  • Farm Trip in the Fall: Kindergarteners will learn about pumpkins, animals, milk, and corn: from the ground the grocery store! We travel back in time by exploring an 1800’s train car, a 1950’s Soda Shop, and enjoying a hayride to the barn.

  • Children’s Theater: Kindergarteners learn to appreciate the arts by attending a live theatrical performance.

  • Discovery Place: Students explore the flora and fauna of the Carolinas in a hands-on, immersive environment. Featuring live animals and native plant life, the Museum helps students develop a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world.

In-House Field Trips

  • Discovery Place: Kindergarteners will learn about animal groups and their different characteristics.

  • Raptor Center: Kindergarteners will learn about birds of prey and their different characteristics.

  • Children’s Theater: Kindergarteners will experience a live performance depicting a fairy tale.

Holiday Events

  • Thanksgiving: Students rotate to the kindergarten classrooms to learn about Native Americans, Pilgrims, and the first Thanksgiving.

  • Christmas: All Kindergarteners participate in an Advent Prayer Service for each week of Advent and celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

  • Mother’s Day: Kindergarteners honor their mothers by pampering them for a Mother’s Day Spa.



  • Christmas Caroling: Ms. V, our Music teacher, orchestrates this performance with kindergarteners and first graders for their parents.

  • End of Year Celebration and Hoe Down: Families are invited to celebrate the end of Kindergarten by watching kindergarteners perform various dances and having a family picnic.

Service Projects

  • Homeless Shelter: Students collect supplies for the homeless as a Christmas project.

  • Rice Bowls

  • Catherine’s House




The Kindergarten year is very important. It should be a successful year for each child to develop a love for school and learning. It is also an opportunity to develop and enhance a positive self-image.


Our program is planned to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and academic needs of your child. Each child has individual developmental needs and as teachers, we plan accordingly. This program is characterized by the following principles of learning:             


  • Children learn through their senses.

  • Children learn through active involvement.

  • Children go through similar stages of development, but at different rates.

  • Children learn through play.

We recognize and reward great behavior in Kindergarten.


Your Kindergartener will have some homework.   Each night please read with your child.  There will be written homework sent home occasionally.

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