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Second Grade

Special Events

100 Book Club

Each student has the opportunity to earn a St. Gabriel Second Grade 100 Book Club t-shirt. Each time a book is read at home or while at school, the student can fill out their 100 Book Club form. This is an exciting way for students to keep track of their reading. For longer books, 50 pages equals 1 book read! (For ex: 150 pages = 3 books.) We will model how to track their 100 Book Club progress in class together during our first days of school. 

Bubble Gum Math Facts

One of the most important goals of second grade is that your child has mastered and memorized basic addition and subtraction facts by the end of the year. This important life skill needs to be worked on at home to ensure these facts become second nature to your child. Please spend time regularly working with your child to help them with this skill. Timed math tests will be one way for us to use data-driven instruction to record your student’s mastery with these facts. We call it “Bubble Gum Math” in our classroom. As each fact is mastered (+2, +3, +4, etc.) they will color in a piece of Bubble Gum in their Bubble Gum Machine. (This Machine will live in their Blue Folder.) Once the students master their facts, they will have earned real life bubble gum!

Field Trips: Creek Walk + Children's Theatre of Charlotte:

We are so excited to participate in two engaging and Field Trips this year. Students will experience a Creek Walk adventure to take a deep dive into the beautiful nature surrounding a local nature preserve. By participating in a Guided Hike, Animal Adaptation Lesson, and Stream Study, our 2nd Grade Science Standards will be coming to life through real life experience. Students will also have the artistic and cultural opportunity to watch professional actors from the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte perform Folktales, Fairy tales, and other engaging stories that tie into our Literature standards. 

Mastery Club

Mastery Club is an optional club in class that provides a way for students to challenge and enrich themselves above and beyond the normal second grade curriculum. Each student will be given a “Mastery Club” booklet with the challenges listed. The student’s goal is to choose a challenge that interests them, and then research and master the answer. Mastery Club is a very popular "early finisher" activity with the students as they feel very excited and proud whenever a challenge is completed.

Specials Masses and Related Events 

First Reconciliation Preparation

First Holy Communion Preparation

(Special Note - Parents must sign up with their parish to receive the Sacraments.)


All Souls Mass (led by Second Grade) 

May Crowning Mass (led by Second Grade) with First Communion Brunch to Follow





Communication Policy

Communication is the key to a successful year! Please email us, write a note, or call the school any time you would like to discuss your child’s progress. If you have an important matter, sending a note in your child’s Homework Folder is also an effective way to contact us. The Second Grade team will also send home a “Peek of the Week” to share skills we will be covering in class, as well as important dates and upcoming events.


Discipline Policy

The second grade classrooms base their classroom rules on these 4 bible verses:


  1. Treat others with love and respect. (1 John 4:7)

  2. Do all of your work as if working for the Lord. (Colossians 3:23)

  3. Listen and Obey. (Exodus 20:12)

  4. Ask Questions. (Matthew 19:14)


Each teacher has a set of consequences that align with the St. Gabriel Student Handbook.

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