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Tuition & Financial Aid


Tuition rates vary based on grade level and program. All MACS tuition rates and fees are posted on the MACS website,

Financial Aid

Tuition assistance is available for qualified families who apply.

A tuition assistance plan exists for participating families with identified financial needs. The funds are reserved for tuition and capital fees only and do not include bus, activity or graduation fees. There is a separate application form that is available on the MACS website, at the MACS office and at the St. Gabriel office. A student must be accepted and registered in order to receive tuition assistance results. Grants do not cover the entire tuition cost. Not all families who apply for tuition assistance qualify.

● First Round Deadline: March 1st – results are emailed to families in mid-to-late May

● Second Round Deadline: May 1st – results are emailed to families about 8 weeks after this deadline ends (mid-to-late July)

● After May 1st – results will be processed on a monthly basis and the results will be emailed to the families as soon as possible thereafter.

Other Financial Aid Options

The Diocese of Charlotte Catholic Schools Office has established an emergency tuition assistance program for the COVID-19 crisis. For the 2020-2021 school year, families financially impacted by the coronavirus situation are eligible to apply for additional, temporary tuition assistance. In order to apply for the emergency tuition assistance program, please contact the MACS Business Office at

These financial options are available through outside vendors and are not affiliated or administered by St. Gabriel or MACS.

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