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First Grade

Special Events

Academic Events

  • Annual Math Bee in June

  • Annual Spelling Bee in June

Traditional Field Trips

  • Hunter Farm:  First graders learn that our food comes from the farm, either by

  • animals or plants.

  • Children’s Theater:  First graders learn to appreciate the arts by attending a live 

  • theatrical performance.

  • Mint Museum: First graders experience art exhibits depicting different cultures.


In-House Field Trips:

  • Discovery Place: First graders will learn about animal groups and their different characteristics.

  • Raptor Center:  First graders will learn about birds of prey and their different characteristics.

  • Children’s Theater:  First graders experience a live performance depicting a fairy tale.


Holiday Events

  • Thanksgiving: Students rotate to the first grade classrooms to learn about Native Americans and Pilgrims.

  • Christmas:  Students rotate to the first grade classrooms to learn about Christmas customs in different countries.

  • Mother’s Day: First graders honor their mothers with special activities.


  • The Littlest Pumpkin:  In October, first graders rehearse and perform this play for parents.

  • Christmas Caroling:  Ms. V, our Music teacher, orchestrates this performance with kindergarteners and first graders for their parents.

Service Projects

Homeless Shelter: Students collect supplies for the homeless as a Christmas



Special Masses and Related Events 

  • Birthday Party for Jesus

  • All School Mass prepared by First Grade



Many on-line HMH components are available to students including:

  •  Articulation Videos

  •  Sound-Spelling Cards

  •  Start Right Readers

  •  Guided Rigby Leveled Readers (assigned by teacher)

  •  My Book


Read to your child every day. If your child is reading, take turns reading the pages!

Talk to your child about the characters, settings, and major events of the story.


  • On-line HMH components are available to students, including: Interactive Games and Math on the Spot Videos

  • Sunshine Math:  An additional math resource that the teachers may utilize in their classroom.

Practice basic facts with flash cards. (addition and subtraction)

Practice skip counting in the car. (Count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s)

Use dominos to make addition and subtraction sentences.



Communication Policy

  • The Take-Home Folder contains important information, homework, and completed classwork that will be sent home daily. Please review your child’s work as needed.

  • Newsletters informing parents of curriculum topics, as well as important reminders, are emailed weekly. Monthly calendars are also sent home.

  • Concerns may be initiated and addressed by either parents or teachers.

  • Absences should be communicated in advance, if possible.

Discipline Policy

Students are expected to:

  •  Follow class rules

  •  Listen and follow directions

  •  Be kind and respectful

  •  Do your best!


Teachers may have a specific discipline system suited to their teaching style.


Homework Policy

Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday and is intended to be a review of skills already taught in class, with an emphasis on daily reading, phonics, and math skills.  Students may need assistance in reading or understanding directions, but are encouraged to complete independently. Homework in first grade is as much about establishing responsibility and work ethic, as it is about the assignment.  Choose a consistent time and place for homework each night.



First graders are expected to recite the following prayers aloud each morning or afternoon: The Lord's Prayer, Hail Mary, Blessing Before Meals, and The Act of Contrition.

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